Perfectly Replicate the Sound & Feel of Rowing on a River

WaterRower is the official partner of the British Rowing & Olympic Teams. The WaterRower S1 LoRise Rowing Machine is a limited edition brushed stainless steel rower with WaterRower’s unique water based resistance system. Whatever your fitness level a WaterRower will provide a satisfying workout and if space is an issue, simply stand the rowing machine on its end when you’re finished.

WaterRower S1 LoRise

A Rowing Machine for Any Environment

The WaterRower S1 LoRise Rowing Machine with S4 Computer is a limited edition WaterRower model manufactured out of brushed stainless steel rather than wood or aluminium, like the other WaterRowers. This rower is a full commercial quality machine, able to withstand the demands of a busy gym environment. The S1 LoRise’s entry point of 30cm (12″) is slightly lower than the S1 HiRise’s, 50cm (20″). Like all machines in the WaterRower range, it uses paddles to connect to a moving mass of water, simulating the exercise of rowing on a lake or river.

The WaterRower S1 LoRise has been designed as a natural rowing simulator and is unrivaled in replicating not only the superb physiological dynamics of rowing but much of the aesthetic pleasure as well, giving the calming feel of a boat gliding down the river. The WaterRower’s patented WaterFlywheel utilizes the same physical elements (water) and the same physical dynamics (fluid drag) as occur when a boat moves through the water.

Water Based Resistance

S4 Performance Monitor

57KG Product Weight

200KG Max User Weight

S4 Performance Monitor

  • The screen shows the all the vital workout statistics such as distance, duration, strokes per minute, intensity and heart rate.
  • The display is easy-to-read because of the big, clear numbers.
  • Comes with 9 preset workout programmes including ones based on heart rate, prognostics, projected duration, projcted distance and more.
  • The S1 LoRise Rower features a unique water based resistance system.
  • Due to the unique WaterFlywheel system, this rower has an unlimited number of resistance levels. You’re in complete control.

What to Expect

The WaterRower S1 LoRise Rowing Machine is made to simulate the feel of rowing on a river. The water based resistance system coupled with the smooth bearings that allow the saddle to rock back and forth makes this rowing machine feel just like the genuine article. The dual rail design makes this rower extra durable.

Feel Comfortable While You Row

The saddle is padded and moulded for maximum comfort while rowing. The foot straps are fully adjustable to keep your feet perfectly in place and give you a more solid workout. The S1 LoRise provides a low-impact workout so you’re joints are comparatively protected while training. The tranquil and relaxing sound of water in motion while you are using the S1 LoRise WaterRower is a clever innovation in rowing technology. Now, more than ever, you can feel comfortable & relaxed while rowing.

Stainless Steel Construction

The WaterRower S1 LoRise’s dual rail design is robust and provides a stable foundation for your rowing session. Thanks to the high build quality of the S1 LoRise, it can support a maximum user weight of 200KG. This machine is specially engineered from powder coated aluminium.

Space Saving Upright Storage

The WaterRower S1 LoRise rowing machine can be stored vertically to save space when it is not in use. Thanks to the rower’s design, it weighs only 57KG and since it has transport wheels at the front of its frame, it is easy to move around.

WaterRower Design

With a long history of manufacturing fitness equipment that is robust yet stylish, WaterRower is one of the most well-known and respected brands in the industry. Their rowing machines are now the preferred practice machine for the British Rowing Team.


Display Type LCD S4
Resistance Levels Unlimited
Language English
Time, Distance, Calorie
Time/500 mtr
Strokes P.Min
Brake system Water Based
Storage Vertically
Assembled dimensions L 209 x W 57 x H 50 CM
(L 82.3 x W 22.3 x H 19.6 INCH)
Weight 57 KG
(125.7 LBS)
Maximum user weight 200 KG
(440.9 LBS)
Adjustable monitor
Seat Comfort
Rail type Dual rail
Heart rate via sensors
Telemetric HR receiver built in
Bottle holder
Transport wheels
Special Features
Remote Control
USB charger
Tablet holder
Use Home or commercial










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